InfluxData Webinar: Monitoring using the TICK stack

InfluxData Webinar

InfluxData Webinar: Monitoring using the TICK stack

On Monday, our senior Linux systems engineers Saša and Branko, joined InfluxData’s webinar to discuss our monitoring system. They talk about what we as a company require from monitoring, the tools we used during the last (almost) 20 years and lastly, how we use the InfluxData stack.

InfluxData Webinar started with a brief introduction of our company and our services. Then we moved on to our monitoring requirements, where we explained why we utilise monitoring in our day-to-day work along with a couple of examples of such usage. To give the viewers a better perspective on our current stack, we also did a quick overview of our monitoring history, a topic we also discussed in much more detail in one of our previous blog posts. Lastly, we covered a quick history of InfluxDB from our perspective, as well as why we chose InfluxDB as the base of our monitoring system: TICK stack. 

The webinar itself was a fun experience for our technicians, as it gave them an opportunity to discuss topics close to their hart with a wider audience. We’re hoping we’ll have more of such opportunities in the future, and in the meantime, if you couldn’t join us on Monday, InfluxData made the full video available on their website.

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