KulenDayz conference 2022

KulenDayz conference 2022

KulenDayz conference 2022

And this year we decided to visit a couple of conferences. The first one was the conference in Osijek – KulenDayz. The conference was held in the beautiful baroque town of Tvrđa built in the 18th century. The name of the conference is not related to kulen, actually, it is not a conference where locals sell kulen, it’s an IT conference. Although, of course, there was kulen and traditional Slavonia and Baranja food.

Day 1 of KulenDayz - registration and introduction

As last year, we were delighted by the organization and relaxed atmosphere of the KulenDayz conference.

The first day of the conference was organized for KulenDayz applications, introductions and workshops. We got to know and see the city of Osijek and the Baroque Tvrđa. After that, we went to dinner with colleagues from the IT sector.

Day 2 of the KulenDayz - the main day of the conference

The next day is the main day of the KulenDayz conference. There were interesting and useful lectures on the schedule, but due to the overlap of the beginning of the lectures, we were not able to listen to all them. We listened to those that would be most useful for us. For example, lectures on project management, Dev, Cloud, Artificial Intelligence,… by excellent lecturers such as Ratko Mutavdžić (Projektura), Goran Mrvoš (Infosit), Tomislav Tipurić (Nephos), Tomislav Bronzin (Citus), Domagoj Pavlešić and many others. The lecturers were not only from Croatia, so we were able to expand our knowledge and see how other foreign companies work. KulenDayz also enabled us to socialize with colleagues from the IT industry from all over Croatia after months of just typing. In short breaks between lectures, we were able to exchange opinions, experiences and advice with colleagues from other IT companies.

For dinner, there was a Slavonian food, čobanac, although some people found it a bit spicy, even the mild one. We also tried local craft beer and rakija… well, actually several of them… During the evening, there was also a hot pepper eating competition. Of course, we just watched from a safe distance. But we’ll just say, well done to the guys who participated.

On the way back to the hotel, we decided to listen the wonderful Pannon Philharmonic Orchestra.

Day 3 of the KulenDayz - Chill Out Day

The last day was in Tikveš, Chill out day. Excellent organized networking in nature. We were delighted with the “ethno” brunch, fat on bread with ground pepper and salt. After brunch, we went on a tour of Tito’s castle in Tikveš. After World War II, the castle was one of Tito’s presidential residences. During the Homeland War, the castle was, unfortunately, robbed and devastated. Today, it has been renovated and it’s Presentation and Education Center Tikveš, which brings visitors closer to the natural phenomenon of Kopački rit.
After visiting the castle, we could participate in archery and talk with other colleagues from the IT industry. Also, the lunch was in the Slavonia and Baranja style. ‘Čobanac’ and ‘grah’ were cooked as before, by the fire. 

KulenDayz, a conference that never disappoints. We hope to see you next year! ?‍♂️

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