September conferences – Sysbee travel notes

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September conferences – Sysbee travel notes

As we announced about 10 days ago, we made some pretty long trips in the last 7 days at September conferences. We wanted to summarize it all in one short story, because, seriously, the wholesome trip was fantastic.

1st September conferences - WebSummerCamp


Our trip began on September 1st to Šibenik to WebSummerCamp. We were late on the welcome drink, but, we did wake up early and came to take over our accreditation. The first hour went into conversation and meeting with all people and colleagues we didn’t see long ago because, well, COVID. We will not bother you with all the details. We signed up for the Tech forum “theme” with Janus Boye as moderator and stayed amazed with organized lectures. Besides that, the day went by with coffee, lunch, beer in the Beach bar where, by the way, “we weren’t at all dressed unproperly”. All conference participate wearing jeans, t-shirts, carrying laptops, in the Beach bar with pools, bachelorettes, and foreign guests. Let’s say that it was interesting start of our september conferences. 

Overall, our impression was terrific, and we reluctantly went from Šibenik a bit earlier, but with a bunch of new information and acquaintances.

2nd September conference - KulenDayz

The first day in Kulendayz started really promising with the chilling atmosphere in the backyard by “In the sofa” seats and drinks and one hell of a keynote. As on WebSummerCamp, it was a really tight schedule, but with exciting themes, speakers, and again, many people we didn’t see quite some time. Zrinka and Tomislav welcomed us well. We were thrilled that we could actually sit with them in person after months of typing and zooming. After the planned day, the only logical thing to do was to try one of the greatest things in Slavonija, rakija. So we tried once or twice, who counts. Met more rakija lovers, started to chit chat, eat, drink, and you know the rest…

KulenDayz Ulaz u Tvrdju

The next day, we went back to Pula to prepare for tomorrow’s trip to Zadar and the largest developer conference, Infobip Shift.

3rd September conference - Infobip Shift

InfobipShift Countdown

That was big, and there were so many people. As on the previous two, we met many people inside and outside of our branch, making connections with those we met at the lectures, bar, or coffee place. Meeting new people in that kind of event is surprisingly easy. One shared word, staying in line or walking towards the lecture halls, do the magic. Initially, we planned to stay for a day, but we found some topics we would like to hear scheduled for day 2. Since we were already there, we stayed and definitely didn’t regret coming home late. 

And of course, there was the duck thing too. The duck is a completely different story, but in short, we came home with a new team member. 

There is no need to make some significant conclusion out of it; we think you already got the impressions of that. But before we conclude our experience, we would like to thanks all lecturers for their knowledge and shared experience. We are sure that all of them was great and here are the ones that we attend:


Infobip Shift

  • Don’t Solve Problems, Eliminate Them by Kent C. Dodds
  • But… You’re Not Facebook by Kitze (Sizzy)
  • Rescue the Dead Horse by Eva Ferreira
  • It’s Easy to Create a Good-looking Product, but What About a Useful One? Empowered by Porsche
  • Eleftheria Batsou
  • Zero-downtime Deployment on Kubernetes by Nicolas Frankel (Hazelcast)
  • You’re a Wizard Form, Harry by Erik Rasmussen
  • Building Full Stack dApps with React, Ethers.js, Solidity, and Hardhat by Nader Dabit

The last conference was before pandemic 2018. So today, it`s not really important that we were a bit tired; the only thing that matters is that we indeed welcome back live september conferences, and we are looking forward to all following events ahead.

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