Clutch award 2021

Clutch award 2021

Clutch award 2021

Clutch award the highest-performing B2B companies by industry and location.  Clutch recognizes us because of our exceptional ability to deliver high-quality work to our clients. 

Are you looking for a carefree GitLab experience? Or someone to take care of your Magento? Maybe you need something custom? With 18 years of experience, we can cover you. We started as a small web hosting company. After a while, we slowly grew into one of the best cloud-managed services providers in our region. We are a group of system engineers and infrastructure architects dedicated to bringing DevOps culture to small and medium-sized enterprises. After years of practice and searching for the best solutions that can provide great scalability, excellent performance, and security, we are happy that Clutch recognizes our effort.

Clutch award – the leader in IT consulting

We recently found out, and we are happy to announce that we are acknowledged in our industry for the third time, being a Clutch leader in IT consulting. For the context, each year, Clutch highlights the top B2B companies in Croatia across different industries. The top Croatian IT consulting companies deliver high-quality customer service. They have accumulated deep knowledge in their fields of expertise, and we became one of them.

We improve ourselves for our clients

Receiving this award is no small feat, and we’re incredibly appreciative of this recognition. With that said, it’s not just us. Because our clients helped put us in this position so we become the best possible partner that we can be. In other words, we are here because of our clients. For instance, if we can quote one of our longest clients, “Sysbee is a good partner that can support us in the future.” – Head of Technology, Emma The Sleep Company.

You can also see the Clutch Leaders Matrix below for the listed companies next to us:

Clutch leader matrix

Here is what our CEO said after accepting the award: “We are thrilled to be chosen as one of the best managed service companies in Croatia third time in a row.”

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