DevOps Suite

Unlock the full potential of your server infrastructure – achieve faster time to market, and enhance customer satisfaction

Sysbee’s DevOps suite is a set of DevOps services that aims to standardize and lower the entry barrier for deploying containerized applications in orchestration infrastructures like Kubernetes. Based on open-source software, DevOps Suite is an unique set of managed services and deployment IAC (infrastructure as code) templates tied together in one.

DevOps services - Explorer Monitoring

Explorer monitoring

As a subset of the DevOps Suite, developers looking for DevOps services can opt-in for an additional DevOps monitoring module that is a managed service aimed to provide more insights into application lifecycle and operation. Based on Grafana’s open-source tools like Grafana, Tempo and Loki, together with Prometheus’ time series database and Alert manager, developers have a single portal for exploring their application metrics, centralized logs as well as application execution traces.Read More »

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