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Consolidate Your Infrastructure – Remove Friction to Boost Performance

Lagging infrastructure performance and poor stability can affect your day-to-day operations and ultimately have a long-term negative impact. Through our IT Infrastructure Assessment service, our experienced consultants can help you identify performance bottlenecks and define security and stability improvements your infrastructure needs.

A Faster Route to Upgrade

Make your existing infrastructure faster, safer, and rock-solid. Depending on the reasons for the assessment, your specific needs, and project complexity, it takes us around a week to assess your setup and provide you with our findings and recommendations.

Check out an example of our assessment whitepaper to get a better idea of what you can expect for a standard price of around €400.


Abundant Cross-Platform Knowledge

With our extensive background in working with a whole range of different technologies, we’re equipped to assess your cloud, bare metal, on-premise, or hybrid server infrastructure.

Comprehensive Analysis

Comprehensive Analysis and Performance Evaluation

As part of our assessment, we analyze and review different aspects of your server infrastructure, including security, performance, backup strategy, cost-saving, and much more. Our highly experienced consultants know exactly where to look for possible pain points, issues, and bottlenecks in any setup.

Data-Driven Strategy Development

Once the assessment is done, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive infrastructure assessment whitepaper, with an in-depth analysis of your current infrastructure, along with optimization tips and guides, that match your budget, priorities, and use case. Our findings are presented in a clear and understandable manner, so you can make an informed decision on your next course of action.

Optimization Brought to Life

After completing the infrastructure assessment, we can either document the suggested changes and optimizations for your system administrators or carry out the implementation for you.

In-depth analysis usually gives our experts a good understanding of the state of your infrastructure and how it can be upgraded, so you can rest assured it would be in good hands.

Customizing Infrastructure Assessment to Your Needs

We approach each assessment with a specific set of your requirements in mind.
That is why the initial step in the assessment process is a meeting with your tech team,
where we discuss:

  • What parts of your infrastructure you want us to check
  • What kind of issues and concerns you have about your infrastructure
  • What should be the primary focus areas (e.g. security, performance or cost optimization)

Detecting Lags, Errors, and Downtime Causes

Poor infrastructure performance is the most common reason for the assessment. It manifests as a notable lag or overall slowness of your application, a series of different errors, and occasional (or even frequent) downtime.

All of these can harm your business. Through our assessment process, we can detect the underlying issues and help you make the necessary changes to put your infrastructure back in order.

Reviewing Infrastructure Cost Effectiveness

Another common reason for assessment is simply getting more bang for your buck. You might be looking to lower your IT infrastructure costs or get more for what you’re paying.

In any case, reviewing your infrastructure cost-effectiveness is crucial in the long run because – why spend more than you need to?

Revising Infrastructure Security and Resilience

There are many different legal requirements businesses have to follow in their day-to-day operations, so assessing your infrastructure in that respect should be on the top of your list.

According to GDPR, HIPAA or any other data protection regulations, your infrastructure needs to be secure and resilient. We are well aware of industry best practices when it comes to IT security, and during our assessment, we pay extra attention to potential security risks.

Conducting Regular Infrastructure Health Checkup

General infrastructure assessment should be carried out whenever you notice ongoing persistent performance issues.

We recommend in-depth assessment if your application’s performance is subpar and you’re unable to find the root cause in the code because the issues might be hiding elsewhere in the setup.

We also recommend a cost-oriented analysis once a year to review your resource utilization and detect the areas where you can lower your costs.

Setting the Stage for a New Project

Infrastructure assessment is critical whenever you’re starting a new project with a specific set of requirements. Beyond resource requirements, you’ll need to consider your software compatibility, high availability needs, scalability potential, and any other condition your project might need to run efficiently and cost-effectively.

That way, you can avoid potential problems and roadblocks which might arise later on due to poor performance, compatibility, or IT security issues. In such a scenario, we can review your current infrastructure to detect areas where you can maximize your existing infrastructure potential – or, if needed, support you in designing a new infrastructure setup for your upcoming project.

Taking Care of Your Existing Infrastructure

Besides standard infrastructure assessment, we offer IT consulting in the form of performance monitoring and graphing as additional assessment steps. These are not mandatory, but they give us a better insight into the daily server operations, especially with live systems, where bottlenecks might not be apparent during a short window of live inspection.

We usually collect data for at least one week before completing the deliverables, but we can shorten or prolong this period depending on your requirements. This process takes no extra charge, and the monitoring daemon is removed from your systems by the end of the assessment.

What is Included in the Infrastructure Assessment?

The assessment process is 99,9% read-only. We don’t change anything on your current live infrastructure, but rather observe its settings and function in your live environment.

Current infrastructure diagram and capacity


OS level inspection


Service level inspection


Performance tunables inspection (both OS and service level)


Database service inspection, and performance tunables


The security aspect of infrastructure, including firewalls, certificates, service setup, IDS


Backup policies review


Web front-end diagnostic and suggestions (typically 1-2 websites on infrastructure)


Domain name mappings and DNS inspection


To some degree application-level performance impact analysis on current infrastructure


Dedicated server hardware tunables (if applicable)


Cost-saving analysis (if relevant)


Application-level inspection and debugging


Applying any system changes and optimizations without prior agreement


Security hardening implementation


Internal business and development processes review


MS Windows or BSD/Unix alike systems, Azure, Hadoop, Oracle, Exchange servers and on-promise assessment


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