Privacy Policy

Sysbee brand of System Bee Ltd. respects the privacy and security of users of their services as well as website visitors, as guaranteed by this privacy policy. Sysbee is trying to provide a personalized experience in using the web site. In order to provide you with the relevant information while on our site, sometimes we need to collect certain information about you to give you a better user experience.

Sysbee guarantees

  • We do not sell or lease, not will we ever or sell or lease any personal information about our customers, except in situations described in this document
  • Our Privacy Policy refers to the former, current and future users of our services as well as our visitors.
  • We have prepared this Privacy Policy to help you better understand what information we collect about you, how and when you can use this information, how to protect your personal information, who has access to your personal information, and how you can change any inaccuracies yourself. This Privacy Policy is not intended and does not create any Contractual Relations or represents any other legal liability of any of the Parties.

Information we collect

Sysbee collects specific information about its users in 3 ways:

  • through server logs,
  • using cookies and
  • directly from users

Server logs

When you visit our website, Sysbee can collect information that can not identify you as a particular person like:

  • Internet Protocol Address (as explained below);
  • The type of internet browser you use on your computer;
  • The number of links you clicked on our website;
  • Country or county from where you come;
  • Date and time of your visit;
  • Name of your Internet Service Provider;
  • The website through which you came to our site (by clicking on the link);
  • The pages you have viewed on our website

Internet Protocol (“IP”) Address

The IP address is the number assigned to your computer while using the Internet, from the IP address the web servers automatically identify your computer. Sysbee servers collect IP addresses of visitors and websites through which you have accessed our website. Your IP address helps Sysbee to provide you with better user experience, collecting site statistics and to notice errors within the websites.


Our websites use cookies (e.g. small text bits that our server stores on the hard drive of your computer). We use cookies to store your settings, information you use to sign in and provide a personalized experience. Cookies can also store information that can reveal your identity (explained below) that you have previously entered in a part of the page so that you do not have to enter the same information each time. You can prevent cookies from being stored on your computer by turning them off in your browser, however, you will lose some of the functionalities of the Sysbee website.

Information that identifies you

On some of our websites, users can sign up to purchase our services, receive personalized content, or participate in online surveys. When you register, Sysbee may ask you for some personal information, which may include but is not limited to: your full name, postal address, phone number, email address, personal identification number (OIB). Based on the collected data, Sysbee can offer its services.

If you purchase our services, we may ask you for financial information such as credit card information or bank account information. Any financial information we collect from you is solely used for payment purposes. If you’ve paid for a service using a credit card, credit card information may be forwarded to the company which will be processing the billing of your credit card (payment gateway provider).

Additional information

As a security measure and to ensure that our websites and networks are accessible to all visitors, Sysbee can use software programs that track network traffic or identify unauthorized upload or alteration attempts and damage in any other way. These programs can also collect information about how you use a computer network or websites.

We may ask you for personal information if you are looking for technical support or provide additional information about our services. For example, we may collect personal information (such as email addresses, system information, and problem descriptions) to provide technical support and problem-solving assistance. If you communicate with us electronically (e.g. email), we can keep a copy of electronic communications along with your email address and your answers.

How we use your information

Sysbee uses the information we collect to notify you regarding your user account, changes to our Terms of Service. We can also keep you informed about services we think may be valuable to you, as well as special offers.

If you do not want to receive such emails, you can opt-out by sending us an email. Our employees, contract partners or agents will sometimes require access to your personal information. Sysbee allows limited access to this information only for business purposes such as administration and enhancement of our services.

Information to which we allow access

Sysbee may allow access to information that does not identify you as a user, such as the patterns of website usage. We endeavour to select only reliable partners with applicable Privacy Policies, but we do not take responsibility for their Privacy Policy or business models.

Sysbee may share or disclose personal information with agents or contracting parties who use the provided information on behalf of Sysbee or the administration of the service provided on behalf of Sysbee.

Special cases of information sharing

Personal and non-personal information may be submitted to a third party if requested by law, in the case of public security or court order

Direct contact

Sysbee can contact you directly by email. Sysbee will also contact you when you require us to answer your questions, to deliver a purchased service, to manage your account and to keep you informed of important notices regarding the services you purchased from us.

Deletion from the database

If you do not want to receive any communication from Sysbee, you can opt-out at any time by contacting us and requesting deletion. Sysbee will then make significant efforts to remove any personal information, but please understand that some information will remain permanently stored in accordance with positive legal regulations.

Third-Party Websites

Sysbee’s website includes links, banners, etc. to third party websites that may or may not be in Contract with Sysbee. Sysbee does not manage any third party’s pages, nor has any control over them, and it is not responsible for any content or information you entered on those pages. Please note that third-party websites may request information that does not comply with the Sysbee Privacy Policy, so please be sure to read their Privacy Policy before giving any information.


In accordance with legal norms, Sysbee does not consciously collect information on children under 13 years of age.

How we protect your information

Sysbee invests significant efforts to protect your personal information from unauthorized access, theft, loss or alteration by various electronic protection measures. These measures include firewalls, SSL certificates, anti-virus detection, and the use of passwords on secure sites.

When requesting financial information from our customers (such as credit card numbers), such data is protected by a valid SSL certificate, but please note that other electrical communications (such as email) does not have to be secure. For this reason, please do not send confidential information such as financial information, personal information, or passwords via email.

Transferring data overseas

If you are visiting Sysbee websites from abroad (Sysbee’s server is currently located in Croatia), communications will cross national borders. By visiting our website and communicating with us, you agree to process and transfer your data as described in this privacy policy.

How to correct irregularities

If you are registered on our website, you can change your personal information at any time through the user pages, or you can contact us via email or contact form.

Privacy Policy Changes

Sysbee reserves the right to modify, upgrade or suspend this privacy policy at any time in its sole discretion. Any changes to the privacy policy will be posted on this site.

Questions or comments

If you have any questions or comments regarding our privacy policy, please contact Sysbee via the contact form.

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