Simulogics | Migrating key services to AWS

Simulogics | Migrating key services to AWS

Migrating key services to AWS for improved stability and scalability, in addition to improved backup system, disaster recovery, and reduction of RPO and RTO

The Client

Simulogics is a small independent game studio based in Germany known for crafting simulation games for experts. They have a history of creating browser-based MMOs such as AirlineSim and Prosperous Universe, which offer players great freedom, realism, depth, and fair monetization models. Simulogics’ expertise stems from years of contract work, particularly in aviation, transport, and logistics, providing them with insights into real-world systems that inform their game design. Their philosophy revolves around making games for enthusiasts, with a strong emphasis on transparency and fairness in monetization, rejecting pay-to-win mechanics and predatory practices. They prioritize realism, deep simulations, and meaningful player interactions, distinguishing themselves in an industry often driven by different priorities.

Simulogics - Prosperous Universe

The Challenge

As Simulogic’s business grew, so did their infrastructure. The internal development team was responsible for maintaining the infrastructure, but rapid growth began to pose challenges for developers as they didn’t have enough resources for application development and infrastructure management. Besides that, certain parts of the infrastructure had already been in production for several years and required modernization to maintain the highest standards of security and stability.
The focus was on improving the availability of key internal services, such as the payment gateway and account management system, with a special focus on enhancing RPO (recovery point objective) and RTO (recovery time objective) in the context of disaster recovery processes.
Additionally, one of the requirements was the implementation of a CI/CD system for quick and easy provisioning of Airlinesim game worlds.

The Solution

After a detailed assessment of Simulogics’ infrastructure and meeting with their development team to gather more information about their project, we concluded that Simulogics is the perfect candidate for our Managed AWS service. Migrating key services to AWS not only opened doors for significant improvements in backup systems and disaster recovery procedures but also dramatically reduced RPO and RTO thanks to the innovative AWS RDS service. Additionally, migrating to AWS brings an extra advantage – the ability to recover services in another available zone or even region.
Managing Airlinesim worlds has become easier thanks to the implementation of GitLab CI/CD pipelines, as well as the use of Pulumi for Infrastructure as Code (IaC) and Ansible configuration management tools. This approach has facilitated a developer-friendly approach to deployments, minimizing the interaction between developers and infrastructure settings.

AWS Managed Services

The Result

With our Managed AWS and infrastructure management services, Simulogics has relieved its development team from the responsibility of infrastructure maintenance. Now, our team of experts takes on that task, ensuring the security, availability, and stability of Simulogics infrastructure. We’re also available to provide consulting services for selecting and implementing new services and technologies.

The transition to GitLab CI/CD and Pulumi IaC has allowed developers to focus on development while also opening doors to a modern approach to infrastructure management that follows industry best practices.

Technologies used in the project

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Martin SimonsManaging Director & Lead Developer, simulogics GmbH

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