Dudubags | Improving UX for non-EU customers

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Dudubags | Improving UX for non-EU customers

The Client

Dudubags is an Italian brand of leather bags and accessories for him and her that combines tradition and experience.

Dudubags began in the artisan workshops in Florence,where, at a very young age, Biagio Addario learnt the art and the secrets of leather working. In 1992, his children Enrica and Paolo turned this craft into a variety of collections that today are also available online.

The uniqueness and recognisability of Dudubags helps to ensure the loyalty of their clients, who see the distinctive characteristics of a refined article and its quality.

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The Challenge

Dudubags wanted to strengthen their global presence by improving the user experience for customers located outside of the EU.

They have decided to migrate their webshop to AWS so they can fully utilize all benefits that the AWS ecosystem has to offer. Namely, they wanted to have the ability to scale their infrastructure as the business grows, as well as to improve the overall website performance.

The Solution

Sysbee’s managed AWS service was ideal for Dudubags’ use-case. Sysbee‘s experienced systems engineers designed a flexible infrastructure which can easily scale both horizontally and vertically. With such a solution, we can easily ensure the best balance between performance and costs.

To help Dudubags bring a more enjoyable shopping experience to their international customer base, Sysbee’s experts collaborated with Dudubags web developers to identify areas where performance can be improved.

Among various Amazon RDS, Elasticache and EC2 optimizations crafted especially for this project, we have also deployed a Varnish web application accelerator to improve full page caching. Amazon CloudFront, a high-speed and low latency CDN service, was introduced to enhance the delivery of static content.

To ensure excellent performance and security, we have also implemented a range of load balancer ACLs which will block any malicious HTTP requests as well as abusive web clients.

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The Result

By migrating their webshop to a scalable AWS infrastructure custom tailored specifically for their project, Dudubags managed to improve page load times by 40%. In certain South American and Asian regions, page load times were improved by more than 60%.

With the help of Sysbee’s experienced system engineers, Dudubags’ web development team identified areas for additional performance improvements of their web application.

Lastly, thanks to Sysbee’s proactive support and monitoring service, numerous unexpected anomalies and problems were detected and resolved before noticeable performance degradation or service disruption occurred.

Technologies used in the project

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