Digital Labin 2023

Digital Labin Conference 2023

Digital Labin 2023

We were amazed by the previous edition of Digital Labin conference. But this year was absolutely the best conference so far from Lloyds Digital. The conference was loaded with amazing people and fantastic talks on 3 different tracks.

Digital Labin by Lloyds digital

Let’s remember, Digital Labin is a conference about the digital industry’s present and future organized by Lloyds Digital. The conference was held in Labin. A beautiful medieval town which, in addition to the Digital Labin conference, also offers a wonderful view of Kvarner Bay and the island of Cres. The conference was visited by almost 800 people from all over the world, and it was the biggest edition so far.

Digital Labin conference offers 3 different tracks

In addition to the current Design track and Dev&Data track, this year we could also listen to the PM & BizzDev track. They hosted the best people in the industry to tell their stories and share their knowledge. 

At a Design track, we could learn a few hacks and tricks about design related to pragmatic innovation AI, UI, a few formulas for effective projects and other interesting and popular topics. The talks were held by creative people from Locomotive, Dept, Sofascore, Jio, Resonate and Shape

We could also listen to great talks at Dev&Data track held by CEOs, developers and engineers from Shopify, Nuxt, BeyondCode, Devot, Span, Badin Soft and Daytona. The talk was about the best usage of AI to create tech products, the power of PHP to build desktop applications, tips and techniques for managing slow devices and other interesting talks.

At this year newest track PM & BizzDev we could listened about leadership and organization, product discover,  how to use customer feedback and some other tips ant trick about business. The talkers was from Devot,  Endeva, Productive, Ars Futura, Speck, Infinum and Porsche Digital Croatia.

So, what’s the big deal about it?

Learning, sharing experiences with colleagues from the IT industry, networking, creating new partnerships as well as business connections, playing games, enjoying and having fun. They thought of everything to make this, once again, a successful conference.

So, you should be there next year. 😉

Can’t wait to see what they prepared for next year.

Cheers to many more years of excellent conferences! 🍻

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