CRO Commerce Conference 2022

CRO Commerce 2022- KRAŠ Chocolate Factory

CRO Commerce Conference 2022

CRO Commerce conference took us to Zagreb, to the Kraš chocolate factory. Let’s remember that CroCommerce is a conference organized by the eCommerce Croatia association. The association helps retailers in creating and improving online sales, so the conference had a rich program related to the improvement of online sales.

We have to admit, because of the intense smell of chocolate, it was hard not to think about chocolate. However, the lectures were useful, so the chocolate didn’t win, 1:0 for us. We were able to concentrate on the lectures and absorb the maximum knowledge that the experts imparted.

Lectures and panel discussions

The lectures took place in 2 halls: Griotte and Bajadera, we had a hard time deciding what we wanted.. The whole conference was about improving sales (web business), and the experts were from different areas of internet business. For example, Robert Petković (Head of Digital Analytics, ProMediaGroup) explained how to properly set up Google Analytics. What data to collect from users while taking care of their privacy in order to have good analytics at the end. Barbara Slade Jagodić (SEO Specialist, imaginatively shows how creative content on social networks ends. She believes that the main focus should be on the blog, that is, writing creative content. Dijana Kladar explains news from the marketing field, from the rules for displaying separate prices to sending newsletters. Marcel Majsan presented the results of the research How Croats shop online. What customers want, what bothers them when shopping online, what they buy most often, which payment methods they prefer, etc. Hrvoje Jurišić (Co-Founder, Favicode) explained to us Core Web Vitals, three metrics that evaluate the user experience on our websites. He also suggested a couple of useful tools to test our website.

What did we get from the CRO Commerce conference?

Now we know how users behave on the web, what they really expect, how they search and how they pay.
We learned how to set up our website and cookies in accordance with the Privacy Act, which applications use to monitor the functionality of websites and how to position yourself better in relation to the Croatian competition.
There was a great atmosphere in the Networking Area. We saw colleagues from different Croatian companies, but also met new people with whom we exchanged experiences of online business and we learned a few new tricks.
And finally, even though the halls in the factory reminded us of sweets, we managed to keep our focus on the conference. In addition to the intense smell of chocolate, the halls in the Kraš factory are named after famous Croatian sweets (Bronhi, 505, Ki-Ki, Griotte, Bajadera, Dorina,…).

See you next year! ?‍♂️


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