Digital Labin Conference 2022

Digital Labin 2022

Digital Labin Conference 2022

In Istria, in the small medieval town of Labin, on September 23 and 24, Labin’s IT company Lloyds Digital painted town in the colors of the Digital Labin conference. Several workshops and lectures were organized but also talked with colleagues over craft beers and fine Istrian delicacies.

Workshop day was fantastic, but the fun really started on the second day, Speakers day. There were five workshops with different topics, divided into programmers and designers. On the Speakers day, after the opening ceremony held by Domagoj Ostović (CEO/Founder of Lloyds digital), the conference is divided into two stages, Design and UX at Hangar Arena with host Iva Šulentić and Development and Data at Mine Hall with host Ivan Šaric. Of course, we must not forget the fantastic lecturers and panelists at the end of the conference.

Design and UX @ Hangar Arena - Speakers day at Digital Labin

The lectures begin with Pelle Martin (CEO, Founder and Creative Director of Spring/Summer) talking about the importance of the observer’s eyes of each individual and how they use all the advantages of such differences in their company. And among the lecturers were:

Vanja Bertalan (CEO at Human) discusses the Rate of change and the speed of light – How much is too much? Through the lecture, he raises awareness of the high speed of technology development, while we are mostly unaware of it. He talk about the next generation of users, what we can expect and how to react to changes.

Elena Crnković (Product Design Director at Bornfight) believes that design is very important for achieving business values. It explains how design can influence business goals and how to advance the level of design maturity in an organization.

Dev and Data at Mine Hall - Speakers day at Digital Labin

The lecture started with Kitze (Founder of Sizzy), whom we have already met at several conferences. He presents an interesting topic: But, you’re not Facebook. Thinking that we should stop solving problems that have already been solved or problems that don’t exist at all, because we don’t work for Facebook.

Ivan Lučin (VP of Engineering at Productive) with the lecture How we dared to compete with Google? shows the company’s latest product and the problems they encountered in its implementation. An online platform for real-time collaboration through documents, which is a direct competitor to Google Docs and Jira confluence. And among the lecturers were also:

Roberto Gobo (Director of digital strategy and technology at Valamar) held a lecture on Why we developed our own real-time data streaming platform (MDP) and slashed integration cost 10x? He explained how they managed to develop the first release of a real-time data streaming platform in 6 months and how they reduced integration costs altogether.

Networking Area at Digital Labin

In the breaks between lectures, we could get to know different exhibitors, their business and their stories. Among them are Infinum, Roango, Barrage and Also, we talked with colleagues from Prototyp, Bornfight, Human

We tried Labin’s craft beer Labona, cocktails from the Aura distillery and ate fine Istrian delicacies.

Learning, sharing experiences with colleagues from the IT industry, creating new acquaintances as well as business connections, socializing, enjoying and having fun… we got all of that at the Digital Labin conference.


Until next year!

You can see how this year’s conferences went on our blog.

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