Clutch rating and why it matters

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Clutch rating and why it matters

Sysbee received the clutch rating as the best Managed Services provider in Croatia according to Clutch!

In today’s world, IT is one of the most important components of any business, and because of that, the competition in the IT industry is fierce. Business owners tend to have a hard time choosing their partner among all of the providers available on the market. That’s where Clutch comes in.

Clutch is a B2B research, ratings and reviews site that identifies leading IT providers. Clutch evaluates companies based on over a dozen quantitative and qualitative factors, including client reviews, company experience, client list, industry recognition, and market presence.

With that in mind, we’re proud to announce Clutch chose us as the leading IT Consultant in Croatia. We’re also listed as one of the top big data companies on The Manifest (Clutch’s sister site).

How were we chosen?

As explained, Clutch rates companies based on several factors, including reviews left by (verified) customers.

One of our most recent reviews was published by RTL Croatia, which is a broadcasting and digital media company and a part of the RTL Group. Our collaboration with RTL started over eight years ago when they chose us as their web hosting provider. As their digital portfolio expanded and they grew to become the second-largest publisher in Croatia, we grew with them. We were here to help them all along the way, from web hosting to dedicated servers, to high availability systems and then finally to AWS.

When asked what they think about our services, RTL rated us with five stars:

“We asked for a complicated task, and they did it perfectly. We’re now the second-largest publisher in Croatia, and 80% of that is maintained and supported by Sysbee.” — Domagoj Vidović, Head of Digital Content and Development, RTL Croatia

Another amazing collaboration in our portfolio is with Tawseel General Trading WLL, an e-commerce group which operates five e-commerce platforms in Kuwait, including an online hypermarket, voucher platform, fashion designer’s platform, video gaming platform and an art marketplace. Tawseel is also a long term client who’s been with us for over seven years now.

As with RTL, the CEO of Tawseel rated our services with a five-star rating:

“They treat our business as if it was their own. I assume that this is how they treat all their clients, and we’ve been lucky to have them on our side. Sysbee is the most stable and reliable contractor we’ve had as a company, across all our sectors. “- Nasser Al-Sabah, CEO of Tawseel E-commerce group

Why is Clutch important?

Here at Sysbee, we may have a small team, but we work with clients of all sizes in a variety of industries, including e-commerce, digital media and other IT and IT-related industries. Our Clutch rating show that quality trumps quantity, and even if we’re small, we can easily compete with much larger companies.

If you’d like to see more of what we do, make sure to check out our portfolio on Visual Objects, Clutch’s portfolio-sharing sister site, or check out our Services and Projects. Let us help your company with your IT and big data. Visit our Clutch profile and contact us to inquire about our services.


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