Backup – your virtual safety net

Backup - your virtual safety net

Backup – your virtual safety net

When was the last time you created a backup of your website? What happens when your website is infected with malware, and there’s no way to clean it? What will you do if someone accidentally deletes your data? When disaster strikes, you need a plan B. If you’re like most people, you won’t have an answer to these questions.

Why is backup important?

Let’s say you’re logged on to a server working on a late-night deployment. You’re tired, it’s getting late, and mistakes can happen. One thing leads to another, and suddenly, you find yourself panicking – all of your data is gone! But fret not, you have a backup of your data, stored somewhere safe, with all of the files still very much intact.

That’s why you need backup. Data is priceless, we spend years building up that perfect web shop, creating a database with all of our customers, keeping legal documents, or anything else you can think of, and it could all be gone in a second.

What makes a good backup software – good?

When we were reviewing potential backup options, there were several characteristics we had to take into account.

First, backup software has to store incremental backups. Otherwise, backups would require an enormous amount of space, which means servers would be very costly. Not only that, but they would also require a large amount of bandwidth to store the backups on an offsite location.

The backup also has to be lightweight, so it won’t create additional load on the server, and have a user-friendly interface, so clients can quickly restore backups when needed.

Lastly, we needed a disaster recovery option, where we’re able to do a bare-metal restore of the complete OS, along with all of the data on the server.

What do we use?

When we evaluated all the available software on the market, we found our winner: we chose R1Soft as our backup software of choice.

There are many reasons why we picked R1 soft, but the main selling points were:

  • it’s fast as it creates incremental backups instead of full backups
  • it uses much less disk space and 80% resources in general
  • it has a bare-metal restore option
  • it has many additional security features, such as continuous data protection, block-level backups, disk safe verification, etc.

We also use multiple backup levels to ensure proper data security for our clients. All data is backed up with seven daily, four weekly and one monthly backup. Of course, these options are also fully customizable, so customers can choose how frequently they want their data saved.

For an extra layer of security, backup copies are migrated daily to offsite backup servers and replicated to backup servers on another location. That way, we maintain data restoration speed while also maintaining excellent security.

As you can see, your data is safe with us. If you want to ensure your project is treated with extra care, and your data is always backed up and ready to go, get in touch, tell us more about your business.


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