By choosing one of our products – Managed GitLab Hosting and Optimized Magento Hosting, you can focus on your business while we take care of the technical side of it. Why worry about backups, updates or security, when you can leave all of it in the capable hands of dedicated experts?

Why chose Managed Gitlab or Magento Optimized Hosting

With our Managed Gitlab Hosting, we take care of your GitLab instance for you and ensure everything is up-to-date, fully secure, and working without interruptions. All of our Gitlab packages come with 24/7 GitLab management and Proactive support, where we react to any issues before you can even notice them. We also include a dedicated GitLab instance, custom domain name, a free SSL certificate, offsite backup and data encryption at rest with any Gitlab package.

For your webshop, we offer an Optimized Magento Hosting, where we make sure your store has enough resources to grow without any stability or performance issues. With Magento Optimized Hosting, you get dedicated experts, specially configured security settings, a customisable backup policy, advanced proactive monitoring and monitoring dashboards, advanced developer tools and above all, a Magento optimized hosting stack. 

Managed GitLab Hosting

Enjoy a carefree cost-effective GitLab experience with unlimited user accounts, your very own dedicated and secure GitLab instance and custom domain name. Focus on your business and let us handle GitLab updates, backups, and security.

Magento Optimized Hosting

Our optimized Magento environment is explicitly designed each store can thrive and grow without being burdened by speed and performance issues. Focus on growth and sales and let us handle the logistics behind your store’s success.

Shopware Optimized Hosting

Quality infrastructure with tailored solutions at a much lower cost and with complete control over your costs. Shopware is powered by a modern Symfony architecture that provides a simple solution for the growth and development of your eCommerce business.

Do you have a custom project?

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