Sysbeer v1.2

sysbeer beer coaster

Sysbeer v1.2

Sysbeer v1.2 will take place on 20.12.2019 at 18:00h in club Kotač (Rojc, Pula).

This Sysbeer will again focus on server talks. We’ll mingle and network with other specialists in the field, and of course, drink our local craft beer 🙂 

Our speakers for this evening will present the following topics:

Sysbeer - branko fixing serversBranko ToićSysbee CIO

Branko Toić, our CIO, will be speaking about Dockerizing legacy applications. Branko will explain how to modernize legacy applications, their deployment and clustering using Docker, Nomad and Consul.

Branko is well versed in monitoring systems, as he’s been a part of the Sysbee’s (and Plus Hosting’s) core team for over 15 years now. He helped build the foundation for our excellent infrastructure, methods and IT-related processes which we’re using in our day-to-day work to ensure a fantastic client experience for our customers.

Sysbeer - sale with micSaša TekovićSystems Engineer

Saša Teković will be speaking about monitoring PHP applications. Saša will explain how to Monitor PHP Web Applications in an Environment Without Containers, Microservices and Distributed Tracing.

Saša is our Cloud Whisperer™, and is part of the Plus Hosting and Sysbee’s core team for over 12 years now. Saša is well versed in planning, implementation and maintenance of private clouds, VPS and dedicated server hosting as well as shared hosting infrastructures.

Please make sure to reserve your free Entrio ticket so we can give you the free beer we’ve promised 🙂

See you at Sysbeer v1.2!

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