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Sysbeer v1.2

Sysbeer v1.2 will take place on 20.12.2019 at 18:00h in club Kotač (Rojc, Pula). This Sysbeer will again focus on server talks. We’ll mingle and network with other specialists in the field, and of course, drink our local craft beer :)  Our speakers for this evening will present the following topics: Branko ToićSysbee...

Sysbeer v1. Branko
sysbeer v1
sysbeer v1.0 sale
sysbeer v1. branko
sysbeer v1 audience

First Sysbeer meetup

So how was it on first Sysbeer? Sysbeer was fantastic, much better than we expected. There were around 40 people that showed up. The event was on Friday at 18:00, so we assumed everybody would get bored and leave until 20:00. But the most stubborn ones staying until 21:00 (mostly because...