First Sysbeer meetup

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sysbeer v1. branko
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First Sysbeer meetup

So how was it on first Sysbeer?

Sysbeer was fantastic, much better than we expected. There were around 40 people that showed up. The event was on Friday at 18:00, so we assumed everybody would get bored and leave until 20:00. But the most stubborn ones staying until 21:00 (mostly because of free beer). But in fact, no one left before 21:00, and we finally closed the doors at 23:00. So yes, it was great.

The first presentation – HAProxy

Regarding presentations, they are indeed highly technical. The first presentation was held by Saša Teković, our Cloud Engineer, and it was about Haproxy. It was a deep dive into Haproxy configuration with real-life examples that were used in high availability systems production. Although not every attendee got their hands dirty with Haproxy yet, the response to the lecture was fantastic. The feedback ranged from “I thought Haproxy is just a frontend for web servers, now I see we can use it for our IoT infrastructure as well!” to “I have finally learned what that Haproxy thing is!”.

The second presentation – The evolution of monitoring systems during the last two decades

Branko Toić, our CIO, held the following presentation. It was about the evolution of monitoring systems during the last two decades. He went through all systems and technologies he used to monitor our servers – from home-brewed scripts written in PHP or Python, to sophisticated systems like Grafana, Nagios, and many others. He described all aspects of monitoring, from real-time monitoring and reporting to the importance of graphing systems used to determine trends. Branko also covered topics such as monitoring of single dedicated server systems, virtualization, as well as containers and microservices. It was an eye-opening presentation, with a lot of questions, comments, and people who approached him afterwards to ask additional questions and seek advice regarding the monitoring of their systems.

As we expected, there are a lot of people who do DevOps stuff in their current projects, regardless whether it’s for their professional or pet projects. And we were right; our Sysbeer meetup is a great place where DevOps people can share their ideas and knowledge.

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