Sysbeer v1.2 – what have we learned

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Sysbeer v1.2 – what have we learned

So how was on the last Sysbeer? To be perfectly honest – not good, not great 🙂

The venue was great, it created a very cozy atmosphere, the beer was amazing as usual and the talks were fantastic; our guys put a lot of thought and effort into creating their presentations.

 Saša’s talk about monitoring PHP applications was super informative, he explained the material in great detail, including showing us how the monitoring tools look when they are being used with a real-life example.

Branko’s talk about dockerizing legacy applications was also very informative and easy to follow, and it included several demos showing us how Docker works and how it looks when it’s being set up and running.

On the downside, we chose the wrong date, as many companies tend to have their Christmas parties during this period, which means not many people attended the event. This was a pity, considering the talks were very well done, and we had more than enough snacks and beer for our (invited) guests. But as the saying goes “mistakes are meant for learning, not repeating”, so for our next Sysbeers, we’ve chosen April and October instead of December, which means people won’t be as busy with festivities 🙂

All mistakes aside, it was a lovely evening, and we hope the next Sysbeer will be as interesting as this one was, with a few more people showing up. In the meantime, check out some of the pics from the evening, and make sure to subscribe to our newsletter so we can let you know when the next Sysbeer is happening.

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