See you on .debug 2019

.debug conference

See you on .debug 2019

.debug is one of the largest developer conferences in Croatia, organised by BUG and partner companies.

.debug will feature 50 lectures spread over two days and three tracks. The tracks will feature experienced and globally successful speakers from both Croatia and the rest of the world. The participants will also have the opportunity to visit “Advent on .debug”, an exhibition of well-known Croatian technology and programming companies, along with an Advent atmosphere of holiday snacks and warm drinks. Visitors will have the opportunity to meet and socialise with fellow developers, lecturers and founders of the fastest-growing Croatian tech companies, as well as other experienced creators of the regional development community.

Monitoring systems talk

Our very own CIO Branko Toić will hold a talk related to monitoring systems. Branko’s talk falls within .debug’s #hardcore track. First, he’ll go through a short historical overview of monitoring systems, followed by an in-depth analysis and description of current monitoring methods used by our DevOps team. He’ll focus mainly on the Time series databases (Prometheus and InfluxDB), but he’ll also cover other elements such as graphing (Grafana), alerting, application monitoring (Sentry, StatsD) and tracing (Opentracing, Zipkin, etc.).

Branko is well versed in monitoring systems, as he’s been a part of the Sysbee’s (and Plus Hosting’s) core team for over 15 years now. He helped build the foundation for our excellent infrastructure, methods and IT-related processes which we’re using in our day-to-day work to ensure a fantastic client experience for our customers.


Sysbeer - branko fixing serversBranko ToićSysbee CIO

Branko’s speciality is designing redundant server clusters optimised for providing high availability to heavy-duty platforms and web applications. As the head of the Infrastructure team in Plus Hosting, he and his team were in charge of a couple of hundred servers, delivering petabytes of traffic each month and providing 99.99% uptime to more than 20.000 satisfied customers across the world. As the CIO of Sysbee, he is in charge of delivering extraordinary support to our VIP customers, helping them get the best out of their current and future infrastructure. Branko also likes biking, hiking and, of course, technology.

If you’d like to see Branko discuss our monitoring systems in detail, make sure to join us on .debug 2019.

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