We’re speaking on #mDevDay 2019

mday developers conference

We’re speaking on #mDevDay 2019

Developers’ mDay is a developers conference dedicated to web developers, where they can learn more about current dev technologies through expert technical lectures. The first mDay developers conference was organized by mCloud (as was this year) in 2014 and had been happening regularly since. This year, we were invited to give our support as guest speakers, and our CEO Zvonimir Gembec was happy to oblige.

sysbee ceo Zvonimir Gembec

Zvonimir’s vast experience in the IT industry helped him navigate through many problems which may arise when working on projects involving both developers and sysadmins. Although both professions fall into the “highly technical” category, their point of view, priorities and “lingo” can be quite different and can cause a gap in communication and annoyance on both parties.

Zvonimir’s talk will address precisely that – the communication gap between developers and sysadmins and how to bridge it, using helpful tips and tricks. He’ll also discuss several issues which are quite common in the business, such as why are tickets better than phone calls and how to get the issue resolved sooner than later.

mDay will also feature many other exciting topics and talks, as well as a panel discussion and stand up comedy to lighten the mood. Make sure to register on time and join us at mDay 2019 in Belgrade. See you there!

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