How does Sysbee compare to Rackspace Technology

Sysbee compared to rackspace

How does Sysbee compare to Rackspace Technology

To give you a better insight into what our customers get when choosing Sysbee over other providers of a similar service type, we’ve compared our services with the most prominent provider on the market – Rackspace Technology.

The most similar service Rackspace offers, which can be compared to Sysbee would be the Managed Operations service. So let’s take a deep dive into our services to see how we compare to one of the market leaders.

We’ve created a comparison table for a quick breakdown of our features, and we’ve described each of them in more detail below.

Standard Support
Proactive Support
Dedicated System Engineering Team
Ability to Utilize Hybrid Environment
Standard System Monitoring
Proactive System Monitoring
Backups and Platfom Maintenance

Customer Support

When looking at Rackspace’s offering, we can immediately see they offer 24×7 support, which is impressive for any customer looking to speak with a live person at any given time. However, we at Sysbee do not believe in phone support, and the reason behind it is pretty straightforward – we’ve learned by working with our customers that you don’t need a 24×7 phone support if everything works. To give you a better idea of what we mean, if your services are up and running all the time, and we react to any potential issue even before it occurs, there is no need for you to call us. Or to be more precise, we offer something that we call proactive support, which means we monitor your services 24×7 with our advanced, custom-tailored monitoring service, which ensures all of your systems are up and running. If there are any potential issues, we’ll be alerted even before you can notice them, and we’ll make sure they are resolved even before service disruption occurs. As a result, your customers won’t call you, and you won’t have to call us. If you, however, do require support of any kind, our sysadmins are more than happy to respond to your e-mail inquiries.

Picking out a Service

Let us move on to the IT Transformation Experts and Security Guidance section. As described, Rackspace offers a team of experts which will assist you chose the best service for your needs, and will also recommend industry best practice and solutions as requested. We provide the same throughout Infrastructure Assessment service – we make sure to analyze your current infrastructure – security, performance, backup strategy, cost-saving and more, and provide you with an in-depth report with the best approach to improve and upgrade your infrastructure.

Platform and Technology Agnostic

Next stop is the Ability to Utilize Hybrid Environment. Rackspace will provide you with dedicated servers and the possibility of scaling, which is what we offer as well – however, in the cloud. With many years of experience in maintaining both shared and dedicated infrastructure, we’ve concluded that the cloud is simply better due to many factors, such as scalability, lower prices with pay-as-you-go models, flexibility of resources and overall stability. However we don’t judge – if you decide to use your own hardware, we can help you as well. We are platform and technology agnostic – we can build and manage your infrastructure in our datacenter, or with any of the major cloud providers such as AWS and of course, Rackspace.

Planning and Execution of the Project

We’ve already described our Proactive Support offering, so we won’t go into the Monitoring and Response section of Rackspace’s offering, as our experts take care of that. As for Backups, all of our customers’ systems are backed up onto an offsite backup with seven daily, four monthly and two weekly backups, which can be restored whenever needed. However, our backup policies are not set into stone, meaning we can change the backup policy to suit your needs and your schedule.

Platform maintenance is something we regularly do for all of our customers, as it’s included in our managed services, considering we treat your infrastructure as we would our own. We want to make sure all of your systems are up to date, so there are no security issues or patches missing. We have both automated patches, and we also run our own checks which ensure everything is patched and secure.

As for databases, we will, of course, install the databases when requested, and will make sure it’s healthy and there are no problems with the system, and our sysadmins are always here to help you troubleshoot any issues which may arise.

people working

Dedicated Team of Experts

Our experts will also guide you through the project planning and project execution journey, helping with the design and planning phase of your Infrastructure deployment, as well as with the deployment and pricing part of the process. We want to make sure you get more for your money, so you don’t overestimate or underestimate your project’s needs.

There is also one more advantage when choosing Sysbee – your project is designed and maintained by a dedicated team of experts. This means you’ll always communicate with the same people, who know your project inside out, compared to Rackspace, where your project is maintained by many different agents. One of the main advantages of such approach is that you won’t have to explain your issue over and over again when contacting us, we’ll know exactly what’s happening with your service, and what needs to be done.


And of course, we have to touch the pricing section. We have customized levels of support, depending on our customers’ needs; however, our base price is always around 200€ per month, where we offer all of the services described above. When discussing potential projects with our customers, we always want to make sure they’ll get the support level they require, so pricing can vary depending on the complexity of the project. However, most of our customers are around the 200€ per month mark, and they are more than happy with the service level they receive.


So in conclusion, we do offer a very similar service as Rackspace, but with a personalised touch and at a (usually) smaller price.

If you’d like us to provide you with a more concrete offering, get in touch and we can arrange a meeting with our engineers.

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