Fully Managed AWS Infrastructure Solutions

Get the most out of AWS

Gain a competitive advantage by using the best products and services AWS ecosystem has to offer, without the hassle of self-managed infrastructure. We provide our expertise to manage complex AWS infrastructures so your company can focus on growth and business goals, all while knowing you’re in safe hands.

What we can offer you

Tailored infrastructure design

Our expert AWS architects design cloud infrastructures which meet all your requirements while getting the most out of AWS high-availability, scalability and security features.


By utilizing appropriate AWS products and services for specific projects, as well as taking advantage of features such as auto-scaling and our AWS cost analysis service, we can help you manage cost-effective cloud infrastructure.


Our experts are managing AWS infrastructures for various projects, ranging from e-commerce to mobile applications. This gives them the unique opportunity to bring their knowledge and experience to a level that classic in-house team of system administrators simply can’t match.

Unparalleled support

Thanks to our advanced monitoring system, which complements AWS CloudWatch, we are able to provide unique proactive support and detect and solve problems before potential performance degradation occurs. Not to mention that our experts are always quick to respond and ready to help.

Interested in managed AWS?

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Supported AWS services

We choose optimal instance types depending on the type and role of each application to ensure the best performance at a minimal cost.

MySQL, MariaDB and PostgreSQL relational databases with optional read replicas, high-availability, and automated failover.

Memcached and Redis in-memory data stores. Redis supports clustering and high-availability.

Application and network load balancers with high-availability and advanced routing support

Scalable file system ideal for workloads that don’t require the lowest possible latency.

Highly available and scalable DNS with latency, geoproximity and weighted round robin routing support.

Industry-leading secure, robust and flexible object storage service.

Global, fast and secure content delivery network service.

Every aspect of the infrastructure is secured as per recommended AWS security practices,  leveraging the power of IAM, security groups and regular OS patching.

With built-in AWS backup features and our backup scripts, we can ensure that your data is safe and secure.

Our experts can review your AWS infrastructure and offer suggestions for cost optimizations.

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