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Monitoring: Past, Present & Future (part two)

Continuing on our last blog post Monitoring: Past, Present & Future (part one), in this post, we’ll be discussing the most popular monitoring setups currently used by IT technicians around the world. Today, the monitoring world is dominated by TSDBs - specialized databases designed to store large amounts of time-indexed data. We can say that both...

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Veliki odmor

Migrating a Magento webshop to a new Infrastructure The Client Veliki odmor webshop is a newly designed modern platform that allows customers to buy and purchase everyday necessities from the comfort of their own home. Driven by the idea of ​​the modern age and the precious value that time has today, offering home delivery makes grocery shopping...

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Preventing downtime

Downtime is used to refer to periods when a system is unavailable and fails to provide or perform its primary function. As discussed in our previous blog article, downtime is not only bad for productivity, but it also causes many other related issues, such as downgraded brand image, financial losses, data loss and much...

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How does Sysbee compare to Rackspace

To give you a better insight into what our customers get when choosing Sysbee over other providers of a similar service type, we've compared our services with the most prominent provider on the market - Rackspace. The most similar service Rackspace offers, which can be compared to Sysbee would be the Managed Operations service. So...

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Improving user experience for non-EU customers The Client Dudubags is an Italian brand of leather bags and accessories for him and her that combines tradition and experience. Dudubags began in the artisan workshops in Florence,where, at a very young age, Biagio Addario learnt the art and the secrets of leather working. In 1992, his children Enrica and...