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Webshop Stability Issues

Most people are turning to online shopping nowadays, which means your webshop needs to be stable, secure and fast. However, a large number of concurrent users will quickly bring out many (previously undetected) stability issues to the surface. With that in mind, we've decided to write a series of articles which will cover some of...

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How to migrate your brick-and-mortar store online

During the current Coronavirus outbreak, many store owners are wondering how they’ll survive the crisis. Considering many people are currently unable to leave their homes, having an option to shop at home might be the answer. Moving from a brick and mortar store to a webshop might seem like a huge undertaking; however it’s not...

omg conference
omg conference
omg conference

OMGcommerce conference 2018

OMGcommerce is the biggest e-commerce conference in south-east Europe. This was its 5th edition and it was hosted in the Technological Park Zagreb, which is a fantastic venue and the home of many great startups and young technological companies. This year's topics were global trends in e-commerce, new payment methods, GDPR (of course), and...