Sysbeer v1.2

Sysbeer v1.2

Sysbeer v1.2 will take place on 20th of December in club Kotač  (Rojc, Pula).

This Sysbeer will again focus on server talks. We’ll mingle and network with other specialists in the field, and of course, drink our local craft beer 🙂 

Do you want to talk at Sysbeer?

Bring your best ideas and most interesting experiences and join Sysbeer as a speaker. 

Since Sysbeer is aimed towards DevOps, the topics should be technical and appeal to such an audience. We don’t have a specific “theme” of the meetup, but you can use the following topics as a guideline:

  • monitoring and observability
  • infrastructure scaling and high-availability
  • server security
  • success/fail story

As long as it’s technical and related to servers, we’ll be happy to have you as a speaker. 

There is only one rule though, in which we wholeheartedly believe – Sysbeer isn’t and shouldn’t be used as a self-promotional platform. While we’re happy to hear about new and exciting products, the talks should be educational and non-commercial, and not used as a tool to promote your services. 

The ideal length of a talk is between 25 and 45 minutes, including the Q&A. We’re not very strict when it comes to the schedule; however, bear in mind people usually lose focus after about 30 minutes. The talks can be either in English or Croatian.

What do we offer?

Since Sysbeer doesn’t have an admission fee, we can guarantee you’ll get a free entrance 🙂

We also offer a goodie bag with a Sysbeer t-shirt and of course,  free beer 🙂

You’re also welcome to bring a roll-up banner and your promo material with you.

How to apply?

If you’re interested in joining Sysbeer as a speaker, please send us an email to info@sysbee.net. Please include your details (name, last name, a short bio, social media profiles, etc.) and some info about the talk (subject, a short description). We’d be happy to have all of the applications at least a week before Sysbeer so we can prepare the promo materials.

See you at Sysbeer v1.2!

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