First Sysbeer meetup

On Friday, April 5 we're organizing first DevOps and system administrators meetup ingeniously called Sysbeer. The event will be held in "Dnevni Boravak" of DC Rojc in Pula, Croatia at 18:00 hours.

We have prepared two interesting lectures for you, huge ammount of free beer and lot of networking oportunities with people from IT industry.



Using real-life examples, we'll explain why is HAProxy anything but an ordinary load balancer and a real swiss army knife of every system administrator.


Overview of evolution of monitoring tools and methods for monitoring of complex Linux infrastructures.

Networking with Beer

To keep you hydrated during event, we have join forces with SUXO craft brewery from Pula.

Enterance is free, but we have limited seats, so hurry up and reserve your ticket trough Entrio ticket system here.