First Sysbeer meetup

Sysbeer is a highly technical meetup, targeted to DevOps culture and DevOps scene. Since there is a lot of development, SEO, marketing meetups and of course, Magento, or even more, Wordpress meetups, but not a single one with DevOps thematic. So, we have decided to roll our own. This is, in short, the whole idea behind Sysbeer.

We have planned an event like this for a couple of years, but in April 2019 we have decided to finally do the first meetup. Form of the meetup is simple - two short presentations with highly technical content followed with mingling and conversations. The plan is that on every Sysbeer, there is free beer, some food, to ease mingling and conversation.

So how was it on first Sysbeer?

It was fantastic and much better than we expected. There were around 40 people who showed up. The event was in Friday in 18:00, so we presumed that everybody will get bored and leave until 20:00 and most stubborn ones will stay until 21:00, mostly because of free beer. But in fact, none left before 21:00 and we have finally closed doors at 23:00. So yes, it was great.

Regarding presentations, they were highly technical content indeed. The first presentation was held by Saša Teković our Cloud Engineer, and it was about Haproxy. In fact, it was deep dive into Haproxy configuration with real-life examples that he used in production with high availability systems. Despite the fact that not everybody of attendees has got hands dirty with Haproxy yet, response to lecture was fantastic. From: “I thought that Haproxy is just a frontend for web servers, now I see we can use it also for our IoT infrastructure!” to “I have finally learned what is that Haproxy thing!”. So yes, it was a spot on.

The second presentation was held by Branko Toić, our CIO, and it was about the evolution of monitoring systems in the last two decades. He went through all systems and technologies he used for monitoring his servers. From home-brewed scripts written in PHP or Python, to sophisticated systems like Grafana, Nagios, and many others. He went through all aspects of monitoring, from real-time monitoring and reporting to the importance of graphing systems to see trends. From the monitoring of single dedicated server systems, through virtualization, to containers and microservices. It was an eye-opening presentation, with a lot of questions, comments, and people who approached him afterward to ask additional questions and seek advice regarding the monitoring of their systems.

As we have expected, there is a lot of people who does DevOps stuff in their current projects, regardless it is professional or just pet projects. And we were right, Sysbeer meetup is spot on as a place for DevOps people share ideas and knowledge.

We will continue to organize Sysbeer events, and the plan is to do so every few months. We already have some ideas about what topics we will cover next, but if you have an idea or proposition, please let us know. If you would like to participate and do your own presentation on next Sysbeer, you are very welcome to do so. Let us know, drop us a mail. As we have said on last Sysbeer, rules are very simple - it must be DevOps related presentation, no programming, no SEO, no marketing topics. Only server talks. It is ok to mention your service or product during the presentation, eg. how you have solved some technical problem while you were working on your project x, who does this and that, but it should not be a shameless promotion of your product or service without any useful content for a wider audience.

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