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Managing your infrastructure is costly, challenging and time-consuming. Our Managed Infrastructure service allows you to focus on your company instead of technical issues. We are platform and technology agnostic – we can build and manage your infrastructure in our datacenter, or with any of the major cloud providers (e.g. AWS, Rackspace, etc.).

What is Managed Infrastructure?

Managed infrastructure means we take over the setup, configuration, monitoring and maintenance of your server infrastructure. It’s a turnkey solution where you work on growing your business, while we handle everything related to your server infrastructure.Don’t worry about servers and technical stuff, our dedicated experts will do that for you.

What you get with Managed Infrastructure


Managing your infrastructure and maintaining in-house talent is very costly. With our services, you are getting all the benefits of your own infrastructure as well as experienced and accredited experts for a fraction of that price.

Exceptional support

Our experts are always quick to respond and ready to help. Thanks to our advanced monitoring systems, we can provide unique proactive support, which means we detect and solve problems even before potential service disruption occurs.

Tailored solution

Secure, scalable, highly-available, bare-metal, cloud, hybrid – whatever your use-case and requirements are, we got you covered. We are highly versatile and can build your infrastructure in our datacenter or with different major cloud providers.

Refocus your resources

Instead of worrying about your infrastructure, your company can focus on growth and achieving business goals knowing that you are in safe hands.

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