AWS Cost Reduction

Simplify your journey to AWS Cloud.

With a whole range of services and an array of additional features, AWS can be genuinely overwhelming – let us help you!
With our team of cloud-specialized experts, we can give you guidance on reducing cloud spending, and provide optimization of your AWS infrastructure.

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Save your time and let us take care of the complexity of AWS invoices

With our new “AWS cost reduction” service, you can get AWS invoices alongside the infrastructure management bills all in one place. You can pay them via wire transfer or credit card without additional cost or price uplift. By linking your AWS accounts to our billing platform, you can get instant access to billing reports for all your accounts at a glance.

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Separating AWS costs by different business units, projects, cost centers

If you have multiple projects or teams for which you wish to track expenses separately, we can help you with that.
Our billing platform has project cost management at its core. We can merge multiple AWS account costs within a single project or define new projects for each account you own. You can then decide if you want to receive invoices for projects merged or separately.
If you have any Sysbee management services active, these can be organized and grouped in a similar fashion. Grouping and assigning costs can give you more insights into your monthly expenses.

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Significant discount on AWS expenses for existing AWS account

For all of our current AWS customers, as a part of the “AWS cost reduction” service, we can offer you a significant discount on your monthly invoice for your existing AWS account. If you sign up for an additional AWS account with Sysbee, you will receive an additional discount on your monthly invoice for the first six months. After the 6-month period, a standard, base discount will be applied to all future invoices on that AWS account.

* it depends on the type and your usage of AWS services

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Amazon Cloudfront pricing opportunities

Depending on your traffic requirements, additional discounts may apply to AWS Cloudfront.
Based on your monthly bandwidth consumption and Cloudfront traffic commitment, we can offer you volume
discounts on top of AWS list prices.

Sample of prices for EU and US region

Commitment (TB) List price (GB) Discounted price (GB) Discount
10 0,08$ 0,04$ 50%
50 0,06$ 0,03$ 50%
150 0,04$ 0,02$ 50%
500 0,03$ 0,012$ 60%
1024 0,025$ 0,010$ 60%

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Let us take care of your AWS infrastructure lifecycle*

We can identify your needs and set up optimized AWS infrastructure to match your business requirements. With the help of our advanced infrastructure monitoring, we can suggest optimized instance sizes for additional cost reduction. Our teams of experts will provide you with unparalleled support and recommendations for AWS services that best fit your requirements. With our service, you get a flexible, blazing-fast, and secure solution.

*No vendor lock-in! You are always in control over your AWS account.

Migration Process

Account transfer

  • No additional action is required to create a new AWS account. We can create it for you
  • For existing AWS accounts, you should update the root e-mail address to Sysbee’s. In the process of transferring, our support team will let you know which e-mail account should be used.
  • We will update billing information for the account
    and transfer it under our billing management system.
  • After the transfer is complete, new invoices and billing reports will be available under Sysbee’s client

"Always free" tier

for all AWS accounts

  • New AWS accounts are not eligible for AWS 12-month free tier services. AWS policy allows only one free tier account per organization.
  • Based on previous experiences, the production workload will utilize far more than the free tier provides. Additional discounts provided for new accounts in AWS Cost reduction service, should offset any free tier gains.
  • All AWS accounts are still eligible for the Always Free tier.

Ready to leave your infrastructure in capable hands?

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