IT Infrastructure Assessment Services

Explore ways to improve your infrastructure

If you’re not satisfied with the performance and stability of your current infrastructure and you’re looking for ways to improve it, our experienced consultants can help you identify performance bottlenecks and suggest security and stability improvements.

What is Infrastructure Assessment ?

Our infrastructure assessment service is very straightforward: you determine what needs to be reviewed, we assess your infrastructure and compile our findings and recommendations in a document. The process takes about a week to complete and costs around 400€,  depending on the complexity of your project. Check out our infrastructure assessment example, and let us know if you’d like us to analyse your infrastructure, and make it faster, safer and rock solid.

What you get with Infrastructure Assessment

Cross-platform knowledge

We’re experienced in working with many different technologies, which means we can assess your cloud, bare-metal, on-premise or hybrid server infrastructure.

In-depth analysis

We analyze and review every aspect of your server infrastructure: security, performance, backup strategy, cost-saving and much more. With many years of experience, we know how to find possible pain points, issues and bottlenecks in any setup.

Strategy development

Depending on your budget, priorities and use-case, we’ll suggest the best possible approach to improve and upgrade your infrastructure. All of our findings will be presented in a clear and understandable manner, so you can decide on your next course of action.

Bringing everything together

We can either document the suggested changes and optimizations for your system administrators, or we can do the implementation for you. Our experts are always happy to take on a new challenge, and with us, your project will be in safe hands.

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