Shopware Optimized Hosting

Bring your Shopware to the next level

With our Optimized Shopware Hosting, you can focus on growth and sales while we handle the logistics behind your store’s success. Our specially configured server environment is designed so each Shopware store can thrive and grow without being burdened by performance issues, and our Proactive Support service is here to assist you along the way.

Optimized Shopware Hosting plans

Development ⓘ180

✘ Concurrent users
✘ Proactive Support

✔ Free SSL certificates
✘ Data at rest encryption
✘ Malware scan
✔ Backup ⓘ

2 CPU cores
200 GB monthly bandwidth
Support levels

Small ⓘ260

40 Concurrent users
✔ Proactive Support

✔ Free SSL certificates
✔ Data at rest encryption
✔ Malware scan ⓘ
✔ Backup ⓘ

4 CPU cores
500 GB monthly bandwidth
Support levels

Large ⓘ720

125 Concurrent users
✔ Proactive Support

✔ Free SSL certificates
✔ Data at rest encryption
✔ Malware scan
✔ Backup ⓘ

16 CPU cores
160 GB SSD
2 TB monthly bandwidth
Support levels

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Why choose Optimized Shopware Hosting

The success of any online store relies heavily on good infrastructure performance and security. However, maintaining your own servers takes time and expertise which most businesses often don’t have or can’t afford. This is where we come in. Our Shopware optimized hosting is specially designed to provide you with a high-quality infrastructure, experienced systems engineers on your disposal and custom-made solutions for just a fraction of the price.

What you get with Optimized Shopware Hosting

Proactive support

Thanks to our advanced monitoring system, we can detect and resolve problems before potential service disruption occurs. Our experienced system engineers are here to help developers troubleshoot potential performance bottlenecks or system-related problems with in-depth insights and optimization tips.

Dedicated experts

We understand it can be frustrating to communicate your issues and project needs to people who don’t know you or your business. With that in mind, we make sure to assign a dedicated team of experts to each project, so you’ll always communicate with experts who know your services and products inside out.

SSL certificates

We know high security is fundamental in this day and age. To ensure secure communication between visitor browsers and your Shopware store, we’ve included SSL certificates for all domains for free.


Magento optimized hosting is secured with strict firewall policies, filesystem encryption, regular updates, and the use of secure protocols (e.g. SSH/SFTP with key authentication).


We understand how important backups are and that’s why we backup your data daily. Not only that, but default backup policy keeps 7 daily, 4 weekly and 2 monthly backups.


Our backup policy isn’t written in stone. If you have different requirements, you can request a custom backup policy which will suit your needs better.

Developer tools

Our Magento optimized hosting comes with every popular developer tool preinstalled. Git, Mercurial, Composer, phpMyAdmin, n98-magerun, n98-magerun2…

Advanced tools

For customers that require advanced tools, we are offering managed GitLab (source code management, CI/CD, and issue tracking) and Sentry (real-time error tracking).

Shopware optimized stack

Our Shopware optimized stack fully meets official Shopware system requirements and recommendations. We use a classic LAMP stack with Varnish and Redis for caching purposes, as well as our tried-and-true performance and security tweaks all thrown into the mix.

Shopware Optimized Hosting

Get started with your e-commerce business right away. On request, Shopware can be already preinstalled in the latest version. We will take care of the server setup,  security and updates so that you can fully focus on the administration of your shop.

Tailored to your needs

For Shopware stores that don’t fit any of our predefined Shopware Optimized Hosting packages we can offer tailored and optimized hosting solution. If your store has specific requirements such as high-availability or auto-scaling, contact us and we’ll create a custom Shopware package just for you.


In an online business, having a fast loading website is crucial. To ensure excellent loading times, we can offer you an optional, globally distributed, low latency and high transfer speed CDN (Content Delivery Network) service.

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