Managed GitLab Hosting

Stress-free GitLab experience

Let us manage your GitLab so you can manage your business. Enjoy a carefree cost-effective GitLab experience with unlimited user accounts, your very own dedicated and secure GitLab instance and custom domain name. You won’t have to worry about GitLab updates, backups, and security, we’ll do that for you.

Our Managed GitLab plans

Basic ⓘ80

Optimal for 10 users
✔ 24/7 GitLab Management
✔ Proactive support
✔ Free SSL certificate
✔ Offsite backup ⓘ
✔ Data encryption at rest

2 x CPU
50 GB storage
1 x support hour

Premium ⓘ450

Optimal for 200 users
✔ 24/7 GitLab Management
✔ Proactive support
✔ Free SSL certificate
✔ Offsite backup ⓘ
✔ Data encryption at rest

8 x CPU
200 GB storage
3 x support hours

Tailored ⓘ

✔ 24/7 GitLab Management
✔ Proactive support
✔ Free SSL certificate
✔ Offsite backup ⓘ
✔ Data encryption at rest

Custom CPU
Custom RAM
Custom storage
Custom support hours

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Why choose Managed Gitlab hosting

Sure, standard GitLab hosting will provide you with a GitLab instance; however, you’ll still have to deal with fixing issues and making sure everything works properly. With our Managed GitLab hosting, we not only set up GitLab for you, but we also take over the management of the service. This means we take care of updates, backups, licences and security, as well as provide you with continuous proactive support.

What do your get with our GitLab hosting

Proactive support

The most important feature included in our Managed GitLab service is our Proactive Support. Thanks to our advanced monitoring system, we can detect and resolve all issues before disruption occurs. We also make sure to analyse your system and inform if there are any potential issues, bottlenecks or updates needed. Our experienced support team is always here to assist you, even if you’re not aware of any issues actually happening.
  • Agile project management and issue tracking, version control and repository management

  • Mattermost messaging with ChatOps features, project wikis and pages

  • Continuous integration and continuous delivery, support for build pipelines

  • Deployment to multiple environments and container registry for Docker images

  • Integrations with 3rd party services such as Asana, Jira, Slack, Jenkins, Sentry, etc.

Dedicated GitLab instance

Each of our managed GitLab instances is hosted on a virtual private server with guaranteed resources. This means that your data is completely secure, and your GitLab resources are not shared with anyone else.


We back up all your data daily. Backups are stored on a secure off-site backup infrastructure where we keep 7 daily, 4 weekly, and 2 monthly backup copies. However, our backup policies are not set in stone – if you need a custom backup schedule, we can make it happen.

Custom domain name

Host GitLab on your custom domain name. If you don’t have one, you can register a new domain with us or use a free one that’s provided automatically with each GitLab instance.

Chose your hosting location - EU & US

We can offer you a GitLab instance on EU or US servers, depending on your project’s needs. If needed, we can also offer you CDN which will route your traffic depending on your customers’ locations.