This year DORS/CLUC conference was the 25th edition of the conference who is reaching back to 1993. where it all begins. There was not public internet then, and it all started on FER, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, in Zagreb, Croatia.

DORS/CLUC is a legendary conference, as I said earlier, it goes all the way to 1993 when it all started. Place of the venue where the conference is taken is no random either. FER is the hub of Computer Science in Croatia, so this is the place where it should be.

This years conference was not so big, a couple of hundred FOSS enthusiasts, students, and professionals who use FOSS (Free and Open Source Software ) in their work and everyday life. After attending FOSDEM, every FOSS conference is small, but, there were still some interesting lectures. One of most interesting ones was from Igor Ljubuncic who talked about fact that triple 50 problem ( by 2050 there will be more than 50% people older than 50) and urge that we should create technology that even old people can use, unlike today, today 70 or 80 years old basically cannot use smartphone efficiently. He also mentions a TGGT ( The Grandma Gentoo Test ), meaning, if put your grandma in front of PC and give her USB stick with Gentoo Linux installer, what are the odds that she will successfully install it.

There were some odd lectures, for example, one from Henne Vogelsang, Distributing Free Software: Herding Cats, who is explaining how Linux software distribution dependencies system sucks big time. OK, maybe it is, but we had a problem with an example he did. He was explaining a process of installing collab for a client, and run into all kind of strange situations in the process, and made a lot of strange decisions in the process, leading him into 20 or so hour struggle. Ok, we can all agree, sometimes, in some strange combination of software or services you want to install, sometimes it sucks, ok, we admit that, but cmon, not that much.

There was a lot of other interesting topics too, for example, ones from Mario Goljak and Ante Jurjević about using and installing Wazuh with Puppet, or from Luka Blaškovića about NIX, or from Mario Splivalo about Juju and Mass, and lot more. You can find whole schedule form this edition of DORS/CLUC here.

Unfortunately, as always, video recordings are late, and will probably need weeks to put them online, but, nevertheless, we were enjoying DORS/CLUC, and will see u there next year too.

Video recordings of DORS/CLUC 2018 is here we were enjoying watching this again, we hope that we will see u on DORS/CLUC next year too.

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