Infrastructure Management

With infrastructure management service we want to ensure that clients who entrusted us with infrastructure design never have to worry about performance, security, and stability of their infrastructure.

For infrastructures that we design and build, we offer management service which gives our clients peace of mind knowing that expert system engineers are continuously monitoring all parts of the infrastructure, taking care that everything is secure, up-to-date and running without problems.


  • Developers do not have enough knowledge and time to set up and maintain complex server infrastructure
  • Device
  • Server or Cloud provider does not have support level high enough that you need, you will get support if some virtual machine is not working at all, they will reboot it for you, they will maybe solve some IO or network problems if you articulate and point out exact problem that you have, they can also restart some service for you. But when you get stuck in situations that some part of application is working slowly, and it is not clearly visible if it is infrastructure or application problem, they will not be able to help you, but will sometimes suggest you to buy bigger server.
  • Client gets into “blame game” situation, where developers are pointing to Hosting provider, and Hosting provider points back to developers claiming that web application is not optimized. In that case client gets into awkward situation and very often trying to solve it by changing developers, migrating infrastructure to another hosting provider or upgrading or buying more servers.

With advanced and detailed monitoring system, we are able to detect problems and various anomalies and resolve them proactively, before disruption of service functionality occurs.

Driven by fundamental principles of DevOps culture, we strive to bridge gaps between developers and the infrastructure which runs their application by giving developers insight into overall infrastructure health and utilization. This allows developers quick and easy detection of deployments that introduced performance degradation or similar problems.

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In cases where code deployments introduce problems that are hard to identify, our system engineers will gladly provide developers with useful information for debugging and faster pinpointing of a particular problem.

To ensure that our clients receive the best imaginable service, management of their infrastructure is handled by a permanent, dedicated team of system engineers that knows the whole infrastructure inside and out.