Infrastructure Design

Infrastructure design is a complex task because there are many important aspects that need to be considered - functionality, security, scalability, high-availability, cost optimization, etc. To help our clients design their infrastructure, we require as much information about the project as possible.

We can design and deploy highly specialized, taylormade server infrastructure that suit your needs.

  • We can project and deploy server infrastructure for your needs
  • We can work with your developers and have their technology stack and development processes in mind
  • We are cloud agnostic company, so we can design and deploy your infrastructure on almost any platform
  • We can also suggest platform or provider who will best suit your needs
  • We can also project and deploy staging environment in parallel to production one for your developers to have testing playground for new versions of application or new features, preventing them to push untested code to production, with all behaviour, services and software versions as on production environment

During the whole infrastructure design process, our system engineers and architects are in touch with clients and developers to find out everything from application’s system requirements, expected traffic, desired backup policies, scalability requirements to approved budget limits.

The final product of our infrastructure design service is detailed documentation which contains a high-level overview of complete infrastructure, details about system requirements and guidelines for building the infrastructure according to suggested design.

With finalized infrastructure design you have the freedom of building your new infrastructure with the provider of your choice or entrusting this task to us if you require our infrastructure management service.

Do you need new infrastructure design?

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