Frequently Asked Questions

We have made a short list of Frequently Asked Questions and our short answers for you to have handy. If you do not find answer to your question here, do not hesitate to contact as and ask.

Service that we offer will not offer what you need, we need access to server itself, and on standard or shared web hosting you have not access to it. But we will gladly talk with you and design you managed infrastructure you can do business with.

We do like honey, but we do not produce, or sell honey. We are very busy system administrators who work like a bees, hence the name, but we do not sell honey or honey products, neither beekeeping equipment.

No we do not, we are group of system administrators who are maintaining web servers, and helper systems to serve web pages, but we do not make web pages.

Best way to contact us is e-mail, you can find all of our contacts here.