Sysbeer is a highly technical DevOps meetup, targeted to DevOps culture and DevOps scene. Since there are already many development, marketing, Magento and WordPress meetups but not a single DevOps one, we’ve decided to roll our own. This is, in short, the whole idea behind Sysbeer.

More about Sysbeer

We’ll continue our tradition by organizing Sysbeer events every few months. We always have some ideas regarding possible future topics, but if you have a cool idea or topic you’d like to see on the next Sysbeer, drop us a line and we’ll be happy to review it. If you would like join us as a speaker on our next Sysbeer, you are very welcome to do so. As we said on the last Sysbeer, our rules are very simple – since it’s a DevOps meetup, the presentation has to be DevOps related, so no programming, SEO or marketing topics. Just server talks.

Please also note that Sysbeer isn’t and shouldn’t be used as a self-promotional platform. While we’re happy to hear about new and exciting products, the talks should be educational and non-commercial, and not used as a tool to promote your services.


Future Sysbeer events are currently on hold due to the Coronavirus. We’re hoping to re-start our regular Sysbeer meetups as soon as the situation stabilizes. Make sure to subscribe to our newsletter and we’ll let you know as soon as we’re up and running again.

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