OMGcommerce conference 2018

OMGcommerce conference 2018

OMGcommerce is the biggest e-commerce conference in south-east Europe. This was its 5th edition and it was hosted in the Technological Park Zagreb, which is a fantastic venue and the home of many great startups and young technological companies. This year’s topics were global trends in e-commerce, new payment methods, GDPR (of course), and much more. Organised by Netokracija, it was one more conference very well worth attending.

We’ve attended the OMGconnference a few times in the last couple of years, and it’s always been a very interesting conference to go to. Lectures are great, it’s well moderated and it was, as always, very fun and inspiring to be there. The venue was the most exciting part of conference. Literally hundreds of small companies, located in small “houses” within one of Zagreb Fair’s halls. From software to hardware developers, we even saw a small electronics laboratory and hardware production micro-factory. They even have street signs inside the hall 🙂

The conference is free for all, you only need to register and reserve a seat. And yes, the food during served at the conference is also free – thanks to pauza.hr.

As for the lectures, GDPR was an inevitable topic. At the time of the writing (at least in Croatia) there is no clear path or usable template on how to become GDPR compliant, so naturally, GDPR is a very popular topic at present. With that in mind, we have many, many conferences and lectures lately on how to prepare and be compliant with GDPR, but none of them is providing us with a template or checklist for a certain industry. Because of that, thematic conferences such as this one, where we can learn about GDPR for e-commerce, are very important. We heard a lot about GDPR from Dijana Kladar from eCommerce Croatia, and from Nikola Zubalj form MailPlus Adria.

There was also a great lecture from Rein Suijker of Ecommerce Foundation, who talked about maximising cross-border business, with some great analogies and tiny details that can make a difference between success and complete failure on certain markets. For example, the French won’t trust a webshop unless it is truly French, so French language, a French physical address, French payment gateways are a must if you plan on succeeding in the French market. Similarly, if you don’t have a 24 hour delivery in Netherlands, you’re doomed. You need to have free returns in Germany, the English language is not same in UK and USA, and so on. Those things are in fact very important, and yes, different markets have different rules, so it’s great to have conferences such as these one where you can learn all about it.

We also enjoy the lecture from Marcel Majšan of eCommerce Croatia, who explained why now is the right moment to start online sales, and from Vanja Bunjevac of Inchoo who covered data-driven marketing.

You can find whole the whole genda here and unfortunately, we are not aware of any recorded videos that can be viewed online to watch later.

OMGcommerce is THE conference for e-commerce in this part of EU, and if you are in the e-commerce business, you should attend it in future. We certainly will.

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