InspireME 2018

InspireME 2018

Inspire Me is a conference where you can hear many inspiring stories as told by successful professionals and entrepreneurs. This year, speakers shared the stories regarding their successful carriers and business endeavours. We were here too.

Pula is not a big city, but this year’s Inspire Me conference was big and exciting. If you listen, if you’re open-minded and you want to learn from successful entrepreneurs, this is the the place to be. When we say entrepreneurs, we don’t only mean tech businesses – this year we had florists, writers, fitness trainers and photographers. And yes, we can learn from each and every one of them.

There was some technical difficulties, nothing major, but still annoying (for example there were PA system issues), but the fantastic Ivan Šarić saved the day by moderating the conference in a very professional and entertaining way. He even sang the Rocky theme when the fitness trainer was climbing on stage, which was priceless 🙂

We enjoyed a lot the lecture from Marko Bolković of Visualia, who talked about certain mission impossible projects he did with his colleagues. Hassan Abdelghiani’s lecture about his beginnings and his amazing projects and accomplishments was also very interesting the hear, as well as the lecture from Selma Smajić, who described with such ease how she built her floral empire. You can read more about Selma here.

There was a lovely lecture from Alisa Marić, who was left unemployed at the age of 50 and has started to do what she loved her whole life – reading books. Her newfound career started when she got the first award for a review of the book Män som hatar kvinnor (“Men Who Hate Women”), after which she created the @citajknjigu FB page and then moved on to the Čitaj knjigu book portal. The rest is history, but also serves as a reminder that if you follow your passion, you can definitely be successful,  and if you turn your passion into a profession, you never have to “work” a day in your life.

We are very much looking forward to next Inspire ME conference, as this one was great.

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