Veliki odmor | Migrating a Magento webshop

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Veliki odmor | Migrating a Magento webshop

The Client

Veliki odmor webshop is a newly designed modern platform that allows customers to buy and purchase everyday necessities from the comfort of their own home.

Driven by the idea of ​​the modern age and the precious value that time has today, offering home delivery makes grocery shopping a comfortable and enjoyable experience. Veliki odmor online store provides its customers with a variety of everyday necessities that can be obtained with just a few clicks, and each product will be delivered to the user’s home step.

Aside from facilitating faster and easier shopping experience for their customers, Veliki odmor is also looking to foster a culture of buying local products. By providing a platform where their users can choose local products, Veliki odmor helps local businesses grow and thrive.

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The Challenge

The client contacted Sysbee during the weekend to request assistance with their Magento webshop stability. Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, most customers turned to online shopping, and as a result, their webshop experienced heavy load and outages. After unsuccessfully trying to resolve the issue with their previous provider, they have decided to migrate their webshop to a new infrastructure.

The Solution

The customer decided one of our Magento packages would fit their needs best, so they’ve provided us with access details so we can migrate the data to the new infrastructure. Our system engineers have then prepared the server and started the migration process. The migration was finished the next morning, and the server was ready to go.

The solution of choice was our Magento Plus package designed to support medium-sized Magento stores. The Plus package offers 90 concurrent users, our 24/7 proactive support and monitoring dashboards and regular backups. When it comes to the technical bit, the server is an AWS instance with 16 CPU, 32 GB RAM, 150 GB SSD and 1 TB of monthly bandwidth.

The Result

With the help of our engineers and Magento optimized solution, the client was able to reactivate their webshop after experiencing several days of instability on their previous infrastructure. The webshop is up and running as we speak, and the client is able to ensure proper service for their customers.

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