Infrastructure Assessment

Our infrastructure assessment service is aimed at discovering and mapping your current infrastructure so you can better understand how it works, what it consists of and does it perform up to its expectation. During this process, we start to measure latencies of your web service (e.g. web application or webshop), find and analyze bottlenecks in the infrastructure and provide you with valuable insights on how you can improve its performance.

We take into account everything from web applications itself, and how it performs, to each and every system service that is running on your servers. The assessment also includes an operating system and network checks. For bare-metal servers, we will also check hardware, drivers, RAID arrays and disk health down to the partition alignment.

Assessment Process

Even though performance and optimal operation are one of the big concerns, it’s also important to consider security aspect of your infrastructure. To that end we will check your running software versions, optimal service security considerations and appropriate permissions levels on running services as well as filesystem content like logs and backups.

We do not analyze web applications per se, but we do analyze how they perform and use underlying infrastructure resources. We do that by measuring most significant aspects, for example, TTFB (time to first byte), a number of requests for the web page to load, size of elements, caching, impact to web server and underlying database, impact to processor load, impact to filesystem I/O, and so on. With that approach, we can report problems to your web developers, and point out what part of web application causes problems and suggest them few solutions to address the issue.

The assessment itself is a non-intrusive process. Yes, we need to log in to all servers and access all configuration files and logs of all services, but we do not change, start or stop any services nor we affect their stability or security. We do sometimes have to install or run tools to inspect and measure the performance of your infrastructure, but we do that in a non-intrusive way, to ensure we don’t disrupt functionality or performance of your servers.

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With this assessment, we can also see the size of servers. Sometimes, in order to solve slowdowns in parts of the infrastructure, clients are prone to buy or rent oversized servers in an attempt to solve bottlenecks, but very often the services are not optimized, and despite running on powerful servers, they still don’t operate correctly. We can also suggest optimizations which can sometimes gain noticeable savings in infrastructure costs while keeping the same or even higher level of functionality.

Upon completing the assessment and providing you with detailed documentation, you can approach your system administrators and give them all information they need in recipe form to improve your infrastructure. Similarly, you will be able to provide your developers with enough information to pinpoint problematic parts of your application.